Effedue S.r.l. provided with the appropriate endorsement issued by the Province of Brescia about the retention and recovery of non-hazardous special waste, carries out storage, retrieval and screening of ferrous and non-ferrous metals then it treats and begins ferrous and non-ferrous scraps to recycling.

Effedue S.r.l. facilities and technologies allow crushing, grinding and iron removal of the collected metals, which are sort through separation of type and volume reduction (small pieces, flakes, granules) up to the creation of a customized product for the foundry industry and suitable for recycling. To ensure the safety of the materials, strict quality and radiometric checks are carried out throughout the inlet, all stages of production and outlet. Company organization and philosophy combined with the great experience gained over the years and the continued investments in new technologies, have enabled Effedue S.r.l. to gain increasing market share and become a well-established company in the recycling of scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.